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Jake Paul’s California house raided. Fire arms seized

Jake Paul’s California house raided. Fire arms seized

Jake Paul’s Calabasas mansion in California has been raided by armed swat team of FBI. At the time of raid Jake Paul was not present at his California home.

Jake Paul

During the raid it was seen that the officials seized various fire arms from the YouTube stars’ mansion. 

YouTuber Jake Paul is already facing charges of looting Arizona Shopping Centre in May of this year during George Floyd protests. Officials have said that the raid at California mansion is part of the investigation relating to his looting during protests. 

There is no arrest warrant issued against Paul, the officials said. Along with Paul, night club promoter Arman Izadi and Andrew Leon’s home were also searched by the FBI.

Jake Paul

As per FBI’s Phoenix office they are “investigating allegations of criminal acts surrounding the incident at Scottsdale Fashion Square in May”, spokeswoman from the office said.

Richard Schnofeld, lawyer representing Jake Paul admitted that the California mansion was searched and he has pledged to oblige with the investigation.

For FBI to continue its investigation, misdemeanor charges filed against Jake Paul, Arman Izadi and Andrew Leon for criminal trespassing and unlawfully assembling with rioters at Fashion Square were dismissed. 

Jake Paul

According to police, Paul was part of the protest and present even after the protest was declared unlawful.

He was accused of trespassing and remaining inside the shop even after it was closed.

These activities of YouTuber were captured on the CCTV present in the mall, which recorded complete incidence from that night. Police also received multiple tips from different people and also different tapes identified Jake Paul.

Jake Paul

Along with this, in July, a day long party was held by Jake Paul at his California mansion. At this uncertain time of coronavirus, gathering was strictly prohibited and it was necessary to adhere to norms of social distancing but this was absent at the party.

Alicia Weintraub, mayor of Calabasas, California was furious over such gathering when the coronavirus cases are rising exponentially. 

Who is Jake Paul?

Jake Paul

Jake Paul is YouTube celebrity who started off with video sharing platform Vine and gained millions of followers over time. 

He has gained reputation for his prank and humor videos which has been major contributor towards success of 23 years old YouTuber.

Jake Paul

With his online celebrity status, he was offered role on Bizzardvark, a series on Disney Channel. However, he was soon fired due to the complaints about his bizarre stunts by his neighbors. Situation escalated when his stunt of starting a fire in his backyard went viral.

Like his brother Logan Paul, Jake too has involved himself into many controversies and is known controversial figure in the influencer world.

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