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How to live broadcast from Facebook Messenger Rooms

How to live broadcast from Facebook Messenger Rooms

Recently Facebook launched new feature on Messenger Rooms – platform where people can host video chat rooms and make video calls. With the new feature to Messenger Rooms, now up to 50 people can join the video call without the need of Facebook account and then broadcast the video room live on any group, page or profile. 

The feature to live broadcast rooms on groups, page or profile will be available in select countries, shortly after which it will be made available in other countries too where Messenger Rooms is already available.

In Facebook Messenger Rooms, host will still have all of the controls during livestream. Host and any assigned moderators assigned by the host can also remove any attendee during a live broadcast if necessary. 

There is no change in the actual functionality of the way how video call is made and with this new feature, the call can be viewed by other people on page, group or profile and it will be just like a live event.

To live broadcast any video chat, all members in the video chat are required to opt-in when going live. During live broadcast there is option for each and every participant to leave the session. 

Steps to host live broadcast video chat or meeting via Facebook Messenger Rooms:

Go to “People” tab on your Facebook Messenger app / if on Facebook app you will see a prompt on your home page and select “Create a Room Option”

While creating a Messenger Room, Facebook will provide you with an option to allow people join room using link – through this anybody with the link can join the link. Other option allows you to send invites to send invites to specific people and only those people with invite can join.

After selecting your audience permissions, you can share the link via “Share Link” button and share link to the participants on WhatsApp, Messenger, E-Mail, etc.

Now you can start the meeting and wait for participants to join-in. Once everybody is in, you can lock the room so that nobody else is able to join the room.

After all the necessary people join in the meeting, click on the “Live” button which will be situated on the bottom-right corner of the video box.

Select the location where you wish to broadcast the video meeting, you have options to select between NewsFeed, a page on Facebook or in any available group.

After deciding the location, a request is sent to participants to confirm the live broadcast of the video chat. Participant will have option to confirm or leave the room. If any participant is not responding to the request, then the host or room owner can remove the participant.

After confirmation from all of the participants, click on “Start” to begin your live video meeting room.

At the end of meeting, you can select “call end” button to end the meeting.

Watch Mark Zuckerberg reveal Facebook Messenger Rooms:

Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Messenger Rooms

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