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OTT Pricing in India are highly competitive

OTT Pricing in India are highly competitive

In this past few years OTT has gained huge popularity due to readily available content anytime and anywhere concept. Also OTT pricing has been competitive enough to give tough competition to satellite based entertainment services.

After success of OTT giants Netflix and Amazon, entertainment giant Disney has also entered in this market. Below I have mentioned prices of different OTT so that you can compare it for yourself.


OTT pricing

The global OTT leader Netflix is undoubtedly the most expensive streaming service available in India. But Netflix has been profusely trying to push their services by offering a wide range of subscription plans. Any active Netflix subscription, unlocks all content available on the platform.

Starting at ₹199/month, the Mobile plan provides Standard Definition content streaming limited to a single mobile/tablet screen at a time. This plan best suits someone trying Netflix for the first time or wishes to view most content on a small screen.

The latest plan, the Mobile+ at ₹349/month provides the same benefits as the Mobile plan, streaming limited to single mobile/tablet screen only but in High Definition. Both mobile plans are restricted to mobiles/tablets and are unavailable to use on computers or televisions.

The Standard plan offers High Definition streaming for simultaneous use of up to 2 devices at ₹649/month and allows usage on any device – mobile, tablet, computer or television.

The Premium Plan at ₹799/month offers streaming in Ultra High Definition(4K) and allows simultaneous viewing across 4 devices at any time. The devices can unrestrictedly range from mobiles to computers. This OTT pricing plan is best suited for those who wish to share their streaming service with friends and family.

Disney+ Hotstar

Hotstar has recently merged into Disney and been re-branded as Disney+ Hotstar. It is the highest subscribed OTT platform in India.

Two types of memberships are available. The Premium and VIP membership.

Disney+ Hotstar VIP membership is available for ₹399/year and offers all content except American movies and shows. It also provides Disney+ content strictly in dubbed languages and not English. All Hindi movies are available, making this plan very affordable for Hindi movie and Hotstar special web series viewers.

Disney+ Hotstar Premium membership is available at ₹299/month or ₹1499/year. The membership makes available all content in both English and Hindi. It provides add free American shows in quick succession of their American telecast. It has a larger bouquet of content as compared to the VIP membership and hence this OTT pricing is much costlier.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime video is a fairly reasonable service as the Amazon Prime subscription not only provides video streaming but an entire package of services like faster and cheaper amazon order delivery, ad-free music streaming and access to exclusive deals.

The Amazon Prime membership has been kept extremely simple. A monthly plan of ₹129/month or a yearly plan of ₹999/year can be subscribed. The services and benefits remain unchanged for either plan and allow simultaneous streaming on up to any 3 devices.

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